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Mark James STREET JAZZ at Pineapple

This is Mark James's popular STREET JAZZ dance class at london's famous PINEAPPLE Dance Studio. Mark teaches on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7 &/or 7-8 and Saturdays 11.30 - 1 £6 per person per class (pineapple membership rules & apply) You must arrive on time for warm up (any late comers may be turned away) FUN, FRIENDLY AND SAFE. ENJOY!!!
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Style street
Date 03-August-11 12:10
From markjames
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by Zurichdancer on 06-09-2011 21:09:16

Mark's class is the perfect work-out combining an intense warm-up incorporating many stretching techniques with a great routine to get your heart racing and those sweat glands pumping! His natural flair for teaching coupled with his infectious personality makes it must for any fitness/dance fanatic. Personally what I like is the way Mark develops the routine through the course of the week resulting in a fantastic dance routine danced to the latest dance tunes = cannot wait for the next one, see you there!!


by Dancetothis on 03-08-2011 16:08:01

Great video Mark! x

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